Investor Returns Data

Star Investment is offering specialised investment opportunities in property development that generates investors monthly regular fixed income.

Under the ever changing situation and the circumstances that we live in, this offer includes a fixed passive monthly income which gives you and your family complete peace of mind. This is a once in a life time opportunity for a select few Australians which cant be missed.

Our current customers have received full benefits of what we have to offer and this is something that you can take full advantage of with 12% returns on your investment from the very first month.

Here are a few examples of our current recent investors and what they have managed to acheive so far

Recent Investors Paid Breakdown - As of July 2023

36 Investors
700K+ in returns
Paid 1st of every month

We Understand What Brought You Here

You are looking to make secure and lucrative investments that offer fixed returns. At Star Investment, we understand your need to earn a passive income through reliable sources and have developed an investment model based around quality property development projects in the Australian real estate market.

By investing with us, not only can you enjoy premium fixed monthly returns of up to 12%, but also benefit from our expertise in this field.

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