Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum investment to get started with us is $100,000. Due to the legal structure of our business, we can accept a maximum of 20 investors per financial year. If you are a sophisticated investor looking to become a shareholder in our waterfront development, please submit your enquiry, and our management team will get in touch with you to discuss alternative options

Star Investment offers multiple investment options, including a three-year and a five-year term. Our new offer for 2023/2024 provides 12% annual returns paid monthly and 10% capital growth if invested for a 5-year term. At maturity, after 5 years, you will receive your capital back along with 10% capital growth, provided you stay invested for the entire period and do not withdraw before the term ends. Alternatively, you can invest for a 3-year period and receive 12% annual returns paid monthly.

You will be paid on the 1st of every month. You will also receive an email every month once your returns are paid.

Yes, You sure can. We also advise seeking the assistance of licensed professionals to ensure that your SMSF investment adheres to ATO regulations, especially if you have not already done so

No, you are not purchasing land or property. By investing your capital with Star Investment, which owns the waterfront development at Lake Narracan Resort, you are entitled to receive returns based on your investment term. However, you will not have any ownership of the land or the constructed properties unless you choose to purchase them separately. Alternatively, if you are interested in buying land, please visit Lake Narracan Resort.

Please refer to our investment options page, which will provide you with an idea of the interest rates and expected returns both monthly and at the end of your term. Once you invest, you will receive your own login to access your monthly return statements. Alternatively, you can download your financial returns report using your login details.

Star Investment may acquire a loan from a bank, but only at a later stage of the project if required. Our waterfront development is going through three phases of funding. The first phase is land acquisition, which has already been completed. The second phase includes working capital, project management, marketing, as well as external serviceability, and is now about 65% complete. The third and final stage involves infrastructure work, which will be funded through private financing.

While obtaining all the necessary funding from a bank would be the most cost-effective approach, it is not feasible for two reasons. First, any lender or bank requires a deposit before releasing a loan for a residential development project of this magnitude. Second, using our own working capital as a deposit would restrict our options to finish the infrastructure development and to appoint several highly skilled resources, including town planners, architects, land surveyors, and engineers, to complete the development plans. Star Investment is also undertaking multiple projects simultaneously, and using its own funding would again limit their business growth and investment opportunities available in the Australian market today. Therefore, the most effective and efficient way to fund a development project is to use investor capital.

We offer a login portal to our investors which allows our investors to check on all the updates & progress on the project, your returns and offers available for you at any given time.

When an individual invests in our project, they are issued an equivalent convertible note certificate from Star Investment, a sister company of the company that owns the entire development and with whom they have a loan agreement in place. This also guarantees 100% security for all capital investments made by investors. In the unlikely event of any unforeseen default, our planning permit is fully approved and ready to start stage 1 infrastructure before the end of this year, and with pre-sales having already exceeded 25 million along with 1 million onsite sales and management facility being operational, the development is bound by the loan agreement to pay off our investors' capital first.

The Lake Narracan Resort development is a lucrative waterfront development in the entire Gippsland region, with 3km of waterfront and located between two 18-hole golf clubs, with all amenities just a few minutes away. Due to its prime waterfront location, demand is extremely high and the price per lot has already doubled in the last 2 years. We strongly believe that the land price will double again in the next few years. In the last 3 years, our investors have made significant returns, and our land buyers have doubled their investments.

Maximum investment can be up to 2 million AUD unless you want to become a shareholder and in that case it can be up to 25 million.

Yes. We are currently accepting investments towards our waterfront development @ Lake Narracan.

Our investors are a group of individuals from around Australia who are seeking a dependable investment option that offers financial flexibility and freedom by getting a monthly passive income on their investments.

Yes, there is an early withdrawal option available for all investors which starts at 2 years from the date of investment.

Once your tenure has ended, it means that you will need to sign up again with Star Investment. You will be given a new contract and a new CON Note number.

The interest rates are subject to the offer that is available during the time of your sign up. The current offer of 12% fixed return on investment is applicable only for investors who sign up between July 1st 2023 to 15th June 2024.

Please complete the Star Investment application form and email it to us for approval. Once your application is approved, we will inform you to deposit funds into the Star Investment account. Upon receiving your funds, we will issue a convertible note certificate and a payment receipt confirming your investment.