Risk Statement

Risk is inherent in every investment decision, therefore it is important to understand the relationship between risks and expected return prior to making such a decision.

In general, the higher the risk associated with an investment the higher the expected return is on the investment. Investment returns may be volatile over time and the possibility therefore exists for a Member to lose money or be unable to recover their initial investment amount.

It is important for asset purchasers to know that the future performance of any investment made is not guaranteed, including any return in the form of income. The underlying investments made can rise and fall in value. There are various risks within particular asset classes, some of which are specific to the type of asset and some of which are general risks of any investment.

Also, inflation can erode the value of the income you receive from your investments, making it more difficult to achieve your expected investment returns relative to your financial needs (such as to maintain your standard of living or to fund your retirement plans). Inflation refers to a general increase in prices over time, reducing the purchasing or investment power of money.

Market Risk :

There is always a risk that any investment may fall as well as rise in value through the movement of investment markets as a whole. Market forces will impact the price of investments, and at their worst, market values of some assets may become zero if adverse market conditions are encountered.

Timing Risk

Timing risk refers to the risk of price falls in markets shortly after the purchase of an investment or conversely the risk of price rises in markets shortly after investments are sold.

Political Risk

There is a risk that investments could be adversely impacted by political factors. These could include changes to domestic and international political parties, legislative changes (such as the treatment of taxation) or change in government policy.

Liquidity Risk

Liquidity risk is the risk that the we will have difficulty in realizing assets necessary to fund withdrawals in a timely manner.

Accuracy of Information

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Do Your Own Research

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Not Financial or Investment Advice

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